“Full Metal Alchemist” surpasses expectiations

This year after many failed live-action anime movies such as the Death Note and Attack on Titan, we finally get a decent and successful film: Full Metal Alchemist. The movie not only has accurate looking cast but it was also very close to the manga and anime story lines. The was only one or two scenes that didn’t fully follow the storyline but not in a major way. Nearly everything else was completely accurate to the show and the characters were portrayed very well. It was such a good movie that you immediately forget that you have to read captions and just get absorbed into it.

The actor playing Edward Elric showed so many of the qualities of the character it was as if it really was him as well as those playing others such as Maes and Roy. The emotions they were able to portray made you feel the strong emotions just like in the anime. The Homunculus made it quite obvious that the movie followed the original FMA series rather than the Brotherhood storyline which is closer to the manga.

The way they showed the alchemy and the transformations of characters like Envy was simply amazing. Right from the very first scene you get to see the quality and effort that was put into making these characters and their world come to life. Almost immediately you really get a look at how the movies going to be showing everything with skill. Overall the movie was so amazing I would watch it over and over again. I had low hopes judging from all the other live-action anime movies shown in the past but after seeing this movie I’m glad I gave it a chance. I’d give the Full Metal Alchemist a 9/10.