Netflix original with unoriginal plot

Everything Sucks! is a Netflix Original drama/comedy show that was recently released. It is based in a small town called Boring, Oregon and follows the drama club and the AV club as they create a sci-fi alien film whilst dealing with the struggles of high school.

This is the most quintessential 90s show. It has basic roles that are extremely cliche and overdone: such as the single mom, the laid back dad, the high schooler who’s questioning their sexuality, the popular high school couple who rebels and the nerds who love Star Wars and rocks the socks-with-sandals combo. The writers of the show perfectly captured the 90s essence as far as the aesthetics go. The fashion was very true to the decade, with choices such as JNCO jeans and crop tops. The music was all from the year and months the show was set in. The vehicles were all “vintage” as well.

Despite the cliches that were ever so present throughout the show, it was thoroughly entertaining. The actors were all very believable, nothing was too overdramatic. The scenes were stereotypical but the cast and writers added one thing that was different to make it their own. I would say it it is a good show, and definitely deserves the praise it is receiving. I would rate it a 7/10, and would absolutely binge watch it again.