Demolishing of Graffiti Park scheduled

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Recently it was announced that Austin’s famous Graffiti Park at Castle Hills, also known as the HOPE Outdoor Gallery, will be demolished in June. The park will be relocated to southeast Austin.

The park was unanimously approved for demolition in late January. The park is to be  taken down in favor of a new neighborhood development, although plans are still rough at this time. Art enthusiasts don’t have to be completely discouraged, however, as the park is being relocated and updated. The new location is set to be six acres and will allow for more visitors than what is possible at the park’s current location. In addition, the park will have far more wall space and will offer art classes for students and adults alike.

“It’s good. I don’t think art should get in the way of everyday life,” junior Antonia Cox said.

The new location will account for art enthusiasts and visitors by having its own parking lot.When the positives and negatives were weighed against each other, the reception seemed to be lukewarm.

“It’s a good Austin landmark,” Junior Kim Ruiz said. “It was good for people to go around and take pictures because it was out in the city. I can understand the traffic problem, though, because it is in the middle of the city Junior Kim Ruiz said. I’m pretty neutral on it.”