Administration denies BSU club

A group of African American students were denied the passage of creating a Black Student Union club.

Administration denied the passage of the club on the grounds of the club not being all-inclusive yet have passed Asian society clubs, LGBTQ clubs, FCA and other clubs that do not promote the inclusion of all.

“The administrators we spoke with denied our club with little explanation,” junior Gabbie Mcdonald said. “When we went up to question them about why exactly they wouldn’t pass it, they had told us that a group like this wouldn’t be ‘all inclusive.’

The denial and rejection of the Black Student Union left students confused and livid.

“BSU is not about excluding a certain group of people,” Mcdonald said. “I think the idea of sending out invitations for the group threw them for a loop. Yes, we would have been an invite-based group, but if someone not-of-color reached out to us and wanted to join, we would not have stopped them.”

The purpose of the Black Student Union is to uplift and empower the African American youth by showing them they are not alone in a school where they are a minority group by extremes.

“If administration truly knew and understood the purpose of Black Student Union, I don’t think they would be so quick to reject it,” junior Anysiah Boike-Davis said. “We want to be a united group where we can appreciate black culture and be a platform where black students can speak out on issues we face everyday.”

Students are taking further action to fight for the passage of their organization in order to get the representation they deserve.

“The fact that our club was denied is simply unfair,” McDonald said. “We’re going to keep talking about the assistant principals about getting this club started. Glenn could benefit widely from an organization like this. Almost every school in the district has one and it is time our school got with the same program.