Too much school spirit

Too much school spirit

Our school building does an adequate job expressing what our school stands for. From orange flags to grizzly bears, the school sports its pride very well. However, sometimes it can be a bit much. The school lacks individuality and seems to only be caught up in itself. We believe that we need more student creativity and less GRIT +3.

All throughout the day, grizzly merchandise and orange flags shine throughout. This is all great, however, there is a lack of student art. Many schools are filled with great color and depth, while the only thing we have is white, blue and orange. Not only is the building a grizzly utopia, the school also doesn’t seem to be that interesting. What makes school interesting are the murals, paintings on the floors, banners and even plants. This would make the school a more compelling place to be.

Along with the orange and blue, the faces of grizzly bears and claw marks with the well known GRIT +3 are the only factors we as students see throughout the day. We need less grizzly nation and more student mind.

We understand that the school’s goal is to portray the amazing building we are blessed with, but it doesn’t mean we can’t add individuality to our walls. It wouldn’t be so hard to just add a little more than GRIT. If we added more student oriented creativity and art, the school would become more inviting and open to not only the students, but the community.

As the years progress, more and more students will continue to flood in. This means more and more potential for creativity and student revolved art. We believe that there should be more student individuality and creativity within our school walls.