Mackenzie James goes green

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If someone looks at the list of clubs and extracurriculars at our school, chances are sophomore Makenzie James is in most of them.

James is an extremely active student. She balances a shocking total of six clubs and all advanced classes while being President of her class. She works hard constantly to make herself and her campus better.

One of her latest ideas is having FCCLA petition our school to go green and setting up recycling and compost bins in the union.

“Since Glenn is new, we wanted to do something that’s different from the other high schools,” James said. “So we tried to put the recycling, compost and waste on the trash cans just as a test run. Mr. Lomeli liked the idea and he’s gonna get professionally done posters. We wanted to make Glenn known as a green school.”

James and the other student council members are also attempting to host a town hall for students to voice their opinions.

“There are a lot of kids who don’t like Glenn, which isn’t good because it’s the first year,” James said. “Every student should feel like they have a part in Glenn. If we can involve them and get them to put their suggestions out there we can make it happen.”

With James being extremely involved in the school, she is able to hear and sympathize with other students’ complaints.

“I feel like we aren’t doing enough for fine arts,” James said. “A lot of the teachers are also coaches, so I think athletics is a big factor in Glenn. We have a bunch of pep rallies for them and spirit weeks. But Theatre is really good, Color Guard just won like two awards. I feel like we aren’t involved in other parts of Glenn.”

James also sees all the good things students are doing and wants to bring attention to that as well. Her ultimate goal is to make our school better than the others.

“I think that students are trying to get good grades,” James said. “There are a lot of students that have been nominated for the academic awards ceremony, which I think is awesome. And a lot of the freshman are doing good in their studies. I think it’s good that Glenn students have a high motivation to succeed.”