FCCLA makes state

FCCLA attended the annual regionals competition in Corpus Christi in early February. They took off on Feb. 1 and made their way back to Glenn on Feb. 3.

The team  walked away several wins in different categories. The group left on Thursday, Feb 1, traveling alongside Rouse and Vista RIdge. Students competed in several different events at The American Bank Center against over 200 hundred school in region five.

“It was a little nerve wracking to think about all the schools we would be competing against,” junior Presley Pargin said. “Not only would we have to go against the seniors in LISD but older kids from all over South and West Texas.”

Individuals competed alone or in teams, participating in Family Consumer Sciences and culinary arts events. Every FCCLA student from our school competed in FCS testing against other schools in the region for a chance to win a medal.

“My partner and I chose to compete together,” Melany Gavira said. “We competed in Action-in-services and we created a program and ended up placing in the top six.”

Several teams are now advancing to state in Dallas in April.

“I participated in an event called ‘Recycle and Design’ and created a recycled cross-body bag made out of old blue jeans and coke bottle caps,” Pargin said. “It took me a while to gather the materials and build my product. Although, the time I spent on it paid off since I ended up placing and will now take my product to the State competition.”

The team is excited for what is in store for state in April. They will be competing for a chance to advance to nationals in Atlanta.

“If we go to state with the same motivation and strive that we went to regionals with, I’m sure we will to do just as great as we did at regionals,” Pargin said. “We will be working hard in our meeting and afterschool practices to go in prepared as possible.”