Choir coffee house concert

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The choir program put on a Coffee House Concert on Feb. 8 in the Grizzly Union.

The union was decorated to have a similar look and feel to a Coffee House. String lights were hung up, lights were dimmed and brick walls with menus were put up. To raise money, there was a $5 admission fee for students and a $10 admission fee for adults. The fee covered a drink as well as a dessert for the concert.

“The coffee house concert is the choirs way of fundraising money,” junior Rachelle Simpson said. “It’s also our pop show, but in the middle of the year instead of at the end of the year. It takes a lot more effort than the other concerts.”

For a month prior to the concert, students in choir classes rehearsed multiple songs to perform.

“Daily in class we went over songs we were singing as a group,” sophomore Ryleigh Baker said. “These songs weren’t like choral songs you can only hear at concerts, these are pop songs we could go and look up and hear how they sound. We worked so hard in class everyday and I liked the songs we were singing.”

Students also had the opportunity to audition for a solo or small group number. Only a few students got these solos.

“The song [for my solo] meant a lot to me and I could sing it to my girlfriend,” junior Koby Utecht said. “During the audition I wasn’t nervous, but during the performance I was very nervous. I had jitters the whole time. I’ve heard I did pretty well, but I also know I could have done better in some ways.”

With this being the choir programs first concert of this style, it was a learning experience.

“I think the first concert went pretty good,” sophomore Gabriel Langley said. “There were some technical difficulties before the show but we got through it. I felt like we put on a good show for our audience.”