Black History month music idols

From the swinging 20’s to the present, black artists have made a big impact on the slang and styles of the time. Music is an art-form used to express emotions, struggles, and grievances. In this article, we’ll reveal the story of famous African-American artists who started movements with their songs.

Black people have birthed the beginning of most trends, including blues: a soulful, deep form of African-American folk music. Although William Christopher Handy didn’t compose the first blues song, he started the blues revolution and became known as the Father of Blues. Handy was a professional musician and composer. Church songs and the noises of nature inspired his compositions. As he grew into a practiced cornet player, he began to use blues in his music composition, leading more people to discover it.

Now, everyone knows about Sugar Hill Records, a famous rap company. Even if you don’t specifically know the name, you’ll recognize the beat of an iconic song from the company: Rapper’s Delight. The CEO of this company was a black woman named Sylvia Robinson, known as the Queen of Rap. She began producing and recorded her own song, named “Pillow Talk” after a producer decided he didn’t want to work with her. After her success with songs based on the premise of “Pillow Talk,” she started Sugar Hill Records, making multiple iconic songs with different artists.

Music is a staple in the black community. It’s a diverse form of expression and has been present in African-American history for the longest time. This Black History Month, learn about the black art of the past.