Don’t deny us the flex space

Due to incorrect use of the flex space, new rules have been set in place. Each teacher is given 10 passes with colors that correspond to the color of the wing. In order to be in the flex space, you must have this pass. The allowance of the use of the flex space was limited before, but now it’s even more strict. We believe these new rules are unnecessary.  

No other campus in the district has the same atmosphere as our school. We are truly unique and innovative, and the flex space is one of the main things that sets us apart. We shouldn’t be limiting the use of the space because it adds to the individuality of the school. Instead, we should take advantage of this opportunity.

Our school was designed to be similar to a college campus. Therefore, the learning should be similar to the college experience. The flex space does just that— it allows communication between students and staff which mimics that of a college campus. By creating rules and regulations for a space that reflects freedom of collaboration and ideas, we further stifle the creativity of our students, as well as contradict the idea that students are treated like upperclassmen at all times.

The main reason the staff has put these rules into practice is because many students were leaving class to sit in the flex space unnoticed. When our school was first opened, the staff constantly reinforced that they wanted to focus on the 99 percent who do well in school, and not the one percent who do not. Punishing the entirety of our school for the actions of a few students is the exact opposite of the founding principles of our school.

We do understand the reasons the staff put these rules into place and enforced the use of passes in order to use the flex space. Giving teachers a limited amount of passes is unreasonable. Instead of limiting the number of passes, staff could better monitor students. In the end, it will allow effective collaborations between students, thus enriching their overall learning experience.