Staff Stance: School lacks decoration


Our school’s structure and design is like no other high school’s. The open space and new and improved technological strategies used to make the school something unique and futuristic. The idea of having our campus relate to that of a college campus is an idea that seems plausible. After high school, college awaits. We believe that our school needs more character and creativity throughout its walls.

Even though the idea of an open concept is different and exciting, there is undoubtedly a lack of expressive character and creativity within the school. Most high schools, although more traditional, obtain characteristics that make the school a more interesting place to be. Walls covered in paintings, colors and decorated classrooms should fit a specific teacher’s personality and shape the way students and staff learn and connect with each other.

Our school is surrounded by blank walls and teachers don’t have the option to decorate their rooms to make the space their own. It would make the school building seem more inviting and alluring. Students spend more time at school than anywhere else. We believe the space in which we are in constantly should be lively and have meaning.

We understand that teachers switch from classroom to classroom. This resembles the college lifestyle. However, it doesn’t mean we can’t add charm and spirit into the place we spend most of our time. Murals of animals, nature, or even school spirit would add depth to the school and really represent how the students can represent the culture here.

We need more character and creativity within this building. We want to see a space that reflects people and how we can all enjoy something simple. Whether it be a simple poster, a big mural on a wall or painted parking spots, we want our school to mean something. It should not just be a place where we open our laptops and work in bright lights with blank walls.