Movie Review: “Star Wars: The Last Jedi”

The recent release of the newest Star War episodes came out last month. To my surprise, they took plenty of risks in this recent film compared to “Star Wars: Rogue One.” The film was full of action and heart beating moments having myself, as well as many other fans, eager and on the edge of our seats.

Although the Saga continues, and the Star Wars legacy drags on to later films, there were many highlights that no one may had expected. I honestly think that there was so much that had happened in this one, that the next might not seem as exciting or involved as the previous ones.

This episode featured far more action and more detailed scenes to certain battles or one on one combats. It added plenty of interesting remarks that played very important roles to each character. These battles however were not as significant as the side action, something that some wished there was more of because how wonderfully produced they were.

There was also small sweet moments that were enjoyed, the romance of a newly introduced character and one from the previous film that had a break from all the chaos. Then the connection between that Kylo Ren and Rey spurred the hearts of fans all around who liked the two together, for all who had hope for his change of heart.

I also applaud the computer generated version of Leia who had sadly passed in the middle of production, and to be able to carry out a spontaneously produced film so seamlessly without her there for half the film is wonderful.

“The Last Jedi” continues on to whatever they have in store for the fans. The overall film was good, but not the best. There could had been more focus on the main characters journey rather than so much adventure of some characters who didn’t have as much significance as they did. Because of this, I would rate “The Last Jedi” a 8 out of 10.