Staff Stance: Bathroom rules unreasonable


New rules have recently been placed regarding the use of restrooms. The rules apply to every class, teacher, and student. They have been created due to some students not being timely and wandering around areas that are off course for their original task. We strongly believe that these new rules are proficient and necessary.

One rule states that you must leave your electronic devices in your classroom. That rule is a useful one because it prevents students from wasting time in the restroom and from leaving class only to play on their devices. Another rule is that you have to have a pass. Although that rule also applies to anytime you leave the classroom, it goes with the new bathroom rules the most. Before, students were allowed to leave as long as they had permission. Because of this, no one had a way to tell if they were where they were supposed to be.

Students had been known to go all the way across the school to use the bathroom closer to their friends or to make the trip elongated. It should have been common sense to use the bathroom in the correct wing and agree that students should be more timely and conscious of their responsibilities rather than go out of their way to procrastinate.

Some students believe that they should be allowed to bring their phones to the bathroom and use whichever bathroom they want to. The reason the rules were placed was because some students weren’t responsible and time conscious. By bringing their phones, they left for the opportunity to skip classes, waste time, and become distracted. It is a waste of time to wander around the school rather than making use of your surroundings.

Overall, the new rules have proven to be efficient and have made class time smoother with less students rushing in and out and missing important lectures. The rules have filtered out crowds which form when students roam around the hallways. These new rules have  made it easier for everyone to be in the right place at the right time.