Youtube changing for the worst

YouTube’s management is rapidly going downhill.

Recently, an explicit video displaying a dead body was uploaded by a widely-known YouTuber. The video was displayed on YouTube’s “trending” page, and was seen on the top charts for an entire day before finally being removed by the account owner. With this unfortunate circumstance kept in mind, it is not a secret that the new YouTube executives are treating creators unfairly, poorly managing the site, and ultimately making the future for YouTube very questionable.

YouTube needs to be consistent with their demonetization process and view each creator equally in order to be fair. After this video was uploaded, in an outrage, the YouTube community brought up a serious discussion as to whether or not this was a mistake. The YouTuber who uploaded this disturbing video is featured in multiple YouTube Red series and other productions made by the company, making it suspicious as to whether or not YouTube is “playing favorites.” Undoubtedly, if a smaller account that was not partnered with YouTube uploaded similar content, the video would be either demonetized or taken down within minutes.

Channels that make controversial content featuring topics such as drug use, conspiracy theories, racial matters and other touchy subjects are always ceased from profit, meaning that YouTube views the content as unfit for advertisers. The majority of creators rely on YouTube as their main source of income, and by talking about these subjects that could actually be beneficial to some viewers ensures that they are not able to receive any type of profit from that video. However, a video featuring someone’s corpse hanging from a tree was able to make thousands of dollars before it was removed due to the extreme amount of backlash— not because YouTube forcibly took it down.

Supporters of YouTube’s new management may bring up the fact that if someone has a problem with the content on the site, they can just contact YouTube and explain the matter. However, trying to contact YouTube with an issue directly is like having a conversation with a robot that only knows three different phrases. Creators and viewers have proven to have already attempted going to the source of the problem. The responses from YouTube— whether it be through email, Twitter, phone call or any other platform— have been extremely unaccommodating. They tell the viewer or creator that they will “work on the issue” or “take their concerns into consideration,” and then nothing will change.

For these reasons and many more, YouTube’s new management team and supervisors have been failing to manage the company efficiently and adequately for some time now. YouTube is a real job for millions of people out there, and the fact that these channels’ futures may be in question due to this new “system” is extremely unsettling. YouTube needs to be consistent, fair, and genuine in order to ensure that creators don’t move to other platforms or abandon their channels altogether.