Girls basketball 5-1 district

The girl’s basketball team is standing at a record of 5-1 in district and are already a shoe in for playoffs.

The girls have been making the best of their roster, maximizing the skills of their shooters, defenders and drivers.

“We gained some new shooters,” junior Gabbie Mcdonald said. “I think the reason we were really able to be successful this season was because the schools we played last season weren’t ready for all the three-point shots we put up. Some schools were good players, they just didn’t know how to play against our offense.”

The chemistry the girls have on the court didn’t come easy. It took moments of courage and raw humility to bring this team together.

“Whenever we are getting frustrated with each other on the court we call a timeout and huddle,” Mcdonald said. “We weren’t very good at this last year and that’s why we would fall apart. We really had to humble ourselves and learn to bring each other up.”

The girls are tied for second in district with Burnet High School. If they win against Burnet this Friday, they are predicted to participate in the 4A district playoffs.

“Last year we had a problem keeping our lead,” junior Regina Briseno said. “This year, we have matured as players and as a team, and I don’t think Burnet is going to be ready for that this time around.”

The team is excited to see their junior varsity players improve and head towards the varsity level. They are expecting a lot of skill to be coming in with the incoming freshmen and they are making room on their roster for anyone willing to put in the work.

“This year isn’t over but, we are already ready for next year,” Mcdonald said. “I’m excited to see the girls on the JV team that have been working so hard to join us next year.”