Club Spotlight: The Locker

A locker with free food, free clothes and free school supplies sounds like the ultimate dream locker for many students.  

The Locker is a student organization founded by junior Katryna Patterson and junior Amanda Maglich when Patterson was inspired by her church to help meet the needs of every student at school. The focal point of The Locker is for students who may not be able to afford new clothes, food or school supplies. It’s all provided so students can be taken care of without a spotlight shining on them.

“We have a room in the school that has everything you would find in a locker,” Patterson said. “It’s like an academic locker or sports locker so we have clothes as well.”

The room is located next to the college and career center and is full access to all students. The room has an anonymous check in list to show if a student has visited the locker. All items are donated by students and faculty making the room fully stocked with whatever someone is needing.

“I found out about the club when I was at a church event,” Patterson said. “I just knew that it was a need we had here in LISD and here at our school.”

Scholarships are also included. If a student wishes to join a club or sport but can’t afford to get the uniforms or club shirts, the scholarships help pay for whatever is needed. Football jerseys and paddings, soccer cleats, basketball shoes or shorts, anything that would be a need for the sport or club.

“A scholarship can apply for anything if a student needs us to buy them clothes or shoes,” Patterson said. “We can afford to buy things for dance and cheer as well.”

There are many members apart of The Locker. The members help organize community service projects, what needs to be stocked in the locker and different fundraising events that are happening. Meetings are held every other Friday during CAVE.

“We have around 30 members and about 10 of the members are officers,” Patterson said. “Each of them all help out with the organization we do for the community.”