What is the best Christmas cookie?

A cold winter night isn’t complete without a cup of warm hot chocolate and a delicious batch of Christmas cookies. Baked goods always taste better homemade. With these analyzations of Christmas cookies, you can see which are the greatest to bake for a wonderful holiday season.


Nestle Toll House Holiday Cookies: 6/10

Nestle chocolate chip cookies are already amazing. The cacao in the chocolate is so sweet and delicious. But these particular cookies are holiday themed, filled with red and green morsels. Baking the dough isn’t hard at all. All you have to do is stick the dough on a pan and insert into the oven. The first bite tastes a bit odd, which I think is due to the food coloring in the chocolate morsels. However, once you start eating more, it tastes quite good. I would eat these around five minutes out of the oven to get the full experience of gooey chocolate melting in your mouth.

Betty Crocker Gingerbread Cookie: 8/10

Betty Crockers Gingerbread Cookies are soft and delectable to eat. Preparing the dough is so much fun and not taxing at all. You have to add some milk so the cookie doesn’t end up too dry. If you don’t add liquid, it would become quite hard to bite into. It doesn’t take forever to bake as well, only around 8 minutes. The amount of spice and sweetness in Betty Crocker’s recipe balance each other out completely. You could binge eat these cookies and truly not get tired of them.  


Pillsbury Cookies: 9/10

Pillsbury is iconic for their astonishing treats, and their Christmas cookies definitely live up to the high standard. The sugar cookie adorned with a christmas tree in the middle is a cute festive treat to enjoy at a holiday party. Plus, the taste is great. Biting into one of these cookies feels like standing in front of a fireplace on a cold winter’s night. But sometimes the abundance of sugar in the tiny cookies is too much and makes it unbearable to eat a lot.

There was definitely troubles with baking some of these cookies, but the taste of holiday spirit truly balances it out. This Christmas, treat yourself to a Hallmark movie and a good tray of one of these cookies.