Cafeteria gets new trashcans

Over Thanksgiving break, the school homed new waste bins in the Union. Where once the awkward empty areas lay are now newly built-in trash cans, making them a convenience or in multiples.

“It takes the inconvenience of moving trash cans that get in the way when you walk,” junior Elayna Blair said. “The new bins no longer stroll in the middle of a walkway and are all in one place.”

They trash cans look sleeker and blend in with the surroundings, looking like they belong in the school. With their stainless steel finish and wooden doors to hide the waste, the trash cans seamlessly fit in.

“I think it’s stupid that we have only have those two locations,” junior Rachel Frels said. “Everyone comes up all at once and it gets cluttered when throwing something away.”

These small addons are bringing the school slowly together. The smallest of things like these new trash cans are what makes this place have its unique looks.

“I like them, but they are kind of the distance to walk to,” sophomore Briana Robles said. “I liked the older trash cans more, they were spread out and easier to get to.”