Key Club food drive with Hill Country Ministries

The Key Club is partnering with Hill Country Ministries to host a food drive until Nov. 17.

Key Club is taking donations through bags donated by HEB Plus. They had been working for over a week to pass out the brown paper bags, leaving them at their neighbors’ doorsteps to give them the initiative of filling them up with canned goods from the store or around their house. They will also be hosting a booth at the club day where people have the opportunity to donate at school.

“We partnered with GHS activities to make all this happen,” club advisor Perla Hopkins said. “We are collaborating with Hill Country Ministries who feeds 1500 people every month.”

Key Club’s main mission is to serve the community and give back so that everyone feels important and taken care of.

“We especially wanted to do the can drive this month because it’s so close to Thanksgiving,” Hopkins said. “No one should have to worry about being fed this holiday. Instead, they should worry solely about giving thanks and fellowshipping with their loved ones.”

The club was skeptical on how effective getting the neighbors active would be. They weren’t sure how the bags would work.

“We recently were given brown HEB bags at our last meeting,” junior Riley Naugle said. “We were all kind of puzzled until Señora Hopkins told us what we were to do with them. There is a note stapled to the bag that tells you what to do with it if you’re handed one.”

Several members left the bags at their neighbors’ doorsteps and watched patiently as they began to fill up. They received an astounding amount of cans already just from the bags alone.

“The goal was to ultimately get our whole community involved in giving back and not just restricting it to a community event where only the school would be involved,” Naugle said. “I feel like we achieved this goal by a long shot. My neighbors were excited to help and felt honored to be given the opportunity to help someone in need.”

The club is going to have a booth set up at the Club Day on Sep. 17. They encourage students and teachers to come out and show thanks by giving back to their community.

“We hope to enlighten a change in our school, community and town,” Hopkins said. “Bring your cans to school, find our booth and help contribute to the change. We will be giving out stickers, tattoos, and baked goods to those who donate.”