Girls basketball start winning streak

The girl’s basketball team had their first game of the season on Oct. 30.

They took home their first victory of the season against Connally High school in Pflugerville, giving a promising future for the outcome of team. The girls worked hard on their teamwork, aiming for above and beyond. Their hard work paid off so they took home their first win of many to come.

“Last year it was a bit difficult and now I believe we are more coordinated,” junior and team captain Heather Hahn said.

Trial and error has helped them in many ways they’ve grown stronger not just as individuals but as a team. Together they work hard to come up with new strategies and ways to improve upon their failures.

“We worked hard on our teamwork this year and feel feel closer, more connected, and confident,” Hahn said

The team has come to learn that in order to improve, you must overcome and accept failure rather than place blame on someone else.

“It was my first high school game,” freshman Jada Bennett said. “I was very excited. Us girls worked together, became a real team this year, and I’m proud.”