Stranger Things 2 Review

After being in complete shock after season one of Stranger Things, patiently waiting and counting down the days, season two came to Netflix on October 27. I was beyond excited and set aside an entire weekend to binge watch it.

Season two exceeded my expectations, which is insane considering how high they were. Each episode was equally as engaging as the last, and I found my jaw dropped throughout the duration of the show. The writers were able to surprise me with every twist and turn. Each character went on a journey of their own throughout the show. They all grew and matured in many ways, some which made me laugh, others cry.

I find it amazing how the writers were able to tie every loose end, and wrap up every character’s development and journey with a big, red and green bow within the final few moments at the schools Snow Ball. Overall, season two of Stranger Things was everything I could have asked for and more.