“The Good Doctor” proves disability isn’t disadvantage

“The Good Doctor” is a American medical series remake of the 2013 Korean Drama made by Park Jae-Bum. This TV series is about a surgeon with Autism and Savant syndrome, main character Shaun Murphy has the special ability of figuring out many medical problems with simple examinations and his unimaginable mind,which processes information easily. The show aired October 3, 2017 and has 7 episodes since airing.

The show has received many good responses and should interest those who enjoy medical dramas/shows. It runs smoothly by showing his troubled past and how Murphy is able to connect his past to his present in order to aide his future.

The storyline is original and gives us all the viewpoint of someone with great potential and how not to judge someone’s ability for their disability. Seeing how Dr. Murphy has some limitations, and seeing how it doesn’t stop him from saving lives. The way the creator of the television series was able to smoothly transition his childhood and past to his future is astounding. Although his childhood wasn’t at all about being a surgeon, it helps him in the hospital with finding better solutions.

I also personally like how Shaun Murphy has a sort of mentor who believed in him from day one and was proving the others at the San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital, that he is at most normal and in full potential like all other other surgeons of the hospital. It gave him the push he needed to continue a passion and he wasn’t planning on stopping all because others put him down for it.

“The Good Doctor” is planned to continue for 18 episodes to complete its first season, so far with no mention of a second season. Hopefully with all the great response and skyrocketing views, the show may continue to entertain people, especially towards those who are judged for their disability when they have all the ability.