Chapstick showdown


Personally I believe that the EOS lip balm was not the best. It made my lips feel more chapped and dry than they did before. It felt like there was a layer of wax laying on my lips. There wasn’t a time I felt comfortable wearing it. The moisture in the lip balm wasn’t enough to actually help chapped or dry lips. The container is cute but this lip balm is more fashion than function. It gets a  2/10.



Vaseline was definitely more helpful, it made my lips feel moisturized and gave them a cool sensation. The layers felt weird because sometimes it felt like there was too much but if I did a light layer it would feel like nothing was there. I would have to reapply it a couple times, which got annoying because once my lips took in that moisture I felt uncomfortable from the dryness and I would put more on. Other than having to reapply and perfecting the amount I needed, it did help with moisturizing and keeping my lips from getting chapped. It gets a 6/10.


Burt’s Bees:

Until now, I had never tried Burt’s Bees so I wasn’t sure what to expect but it reached my moisture and comfortability expectations. I had to reapply maybe once or twice an hour but it was less than Vaseline’s reapplications. The amount I put on didn’t feel like it was too much or too little. I highly recommend trying if you haven’t, I was for sure surprised from the outcome of this product. It gets a 9/10.


Baby Lips:

I have mixed emotion on baby lips. It is moisturizing,but it doesn’t necessarily help with chapped lips. I will say that I would use it if it was convenient to me but probably not intentionally if I needed lip balm. Overall, it’s more of a lip tint than a lip balm that I would need if my lips were chapped. It gets a 4/10.



Carmex has been my best friend for the longest time and has yet to let me down. It makes my lips feel more cooled and keeps my lips from being chapped. It does its job perfectly fine. Every year when it begins to get cold outside I bring out my carmex and put it on before my lips get chapped so they’re taken care of without the irritating feeling of my lips stinging or feeling dry. It’s my overall favorite and ‘go to’ lip balm when I need it. It gets a 8.5/10