Community comes together for fall ball

The school’s second annual Fall Ball occurred on Saturday, October 14. It was held in the Grizzy Union from seven to 11 p.m. The proceeds went to help support prom funds.

Students from grade nine to 11 showed out for some dancing, picture taking, and fun. The prom committee, english teacher Amanda Rachuig, and math teacher Jayson Rachuig worked behind the scenes to pull it all together.

“Our primary purpose of hosting the ball was to raise money for our Junior prom this spring,” english teacher Rachuig said. “The students really showed out this year and we can mark this one as a success.”

A group of volunteers banded together and planned everything out under the instruction of the Rachuigs.

“We didn’t have a set committee,” Amanda Rachuig said. “It was based off of volunteers. We had parent volunteers, athletes, dancers and many more students come up to the school at two p.m. the day of the dance to help decorate.”

They gathered decorations from various sources to transform the cafeteria into an elegant and fun ball setting.

“SPED Teacher Mrs. Reed is a former party planner so she was able to help out with the materials we needed to put it together,” Amanda Rachuig said. “Theatre donated the christmas lights and props we used for the photo booth. The dance team pitched in and let us use a number of their accessories for the booth.”

Thanks to much help, pulling the dance together was not very time consuming and was able to be put together in an efficient fashion.

“We didn’t have to chose a theme so it wasn’t very difficult,” Amanda Rachuig said. “Decorating took around three to four hours. We couldn’t have done it without all the help we had.”

The Junior committee is now working towards further fundraising efforts and hopes that they will turn out as successful as fall ball was. They will keep the class updated on the events, planning meetings, reminders and anything else regarding prom.

“We’re going to now focus on making grizzly olympics great to further support our prom efforts,” Jayson Rachuig said. “We will continue to send out reminders in the google classroom for the junior class. We will need the same amount of effort from the class as we received for the dance to continue to get to where we need to be.”