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Layla Smith
Layla Smith, sophomore age 16. Layla has taken Tae kwon do, Han mu do, and Jiu jitsu in her early life. She has earned up to the rank of black belt first degree level 3 in Tae Kwon Do. She has taken an interest in writing a fantasy book called The Siblings of Legend which she says is something she is the most proud of. Her hobbies include playing guitar, skateboarding, acting and archery. She is afraid of horses, heights, and ferris wheels. She also has Hemophobia which means if she sees blood she will pass out.The future career/job she wants is to become a Veterinarian. Layla has really bad social anxiety so making friends is hard because of this when she does make them their friendship means a lot to her.

Layla Smith, Staff Reporter

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