The Growl

2019-2020 Staff

Heavenlee Walker


Heavenlee Walker is a senior and journalist at Glenn High School. Growing up around multiple loving family members and close friends, relationships are important to her and how she’s grown to become the person she is today. ...

McKenzie Hoskins


Mckenzie Hoskins is a senior at GHS that has been writing creatively ever since she learned how to read, and has won many awards for journalism writing over the last two years. She was born in Austin and has lived in Texas for ...

Drake Kidd

Calendar Czar

Drake Kidd is a current Senior at Glenn High School and has been a student and avid journalist for the past three years and is moving ahead in his fourth year. This will be his third year as a writer for the Growl. Some of his hobb...

Claribelle Yao

Social Media Manager

Claribelle Yao is a Junior who’s been involved in Journalism since her freshman year. Music production and the pursual of the visual arts have always been aspirations for her. She’s currently invested in broadening her arti...

Diana Colunga

Staff Reporter

Diana Colunga with the cool attitude, yes that's her, she’s rad; one would say she’s weird others will say this girl is spiritually alive. Her beliefs are what make her, her; choosing to love and believe in everyone might b...

Bailey Mackay

Staff Reporter

Bailey Mackay is a senior at Glenn High School. Her favorite color is blue. She loves to write, paint and listen to music. Creativity is her passion and how she expresses herself. Being in journalism the previous year helped her to...

Cristina Ortiz

Staff Reporter

Cristina Ortiz is currently a Junior, and during her Sophomore year, she started reading newspapers and magazines more since she signed up for Journalism and has questioned how much work went into those pieces. Cristina is also ...

Layla Smith

Staff Reporter

Layla Smith, senior age 18. Layla has taken Tae kwon do, Han mu do, and Jiu jitsu in her early life. She has earned up to the rank of black belt first degree level 4 in Tae Kwon Do. Her hobbies include playing guitar, skatebo...

Paige Wilson

Staff Reporter

Paige Wilson is a senior this year and is very excited to be apart of the newspaper staff. She has a passion for writing and loves all things creative and artistic. She is extremely dedicated to theatre, and is involved in all...

Taylor Crosby

Staff Reporter

Taylor Crosby is a sophomore here at Glenn that has dedicated a mass majority of her time to doing anything sports-related. She grew up playing all types of sports ranging from football to softball to dance, but over the years sh...

Ashley Igau

Staff Reporter

Ashley Igau is a senior at Glenn High School this year. She has lived in Texas almost her whole life, save for five years living up north in Wisconsin. Ashley is a part of not only the Newspaper staff this year but also Musica...

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