Lauryn Hill and the Fugees

Black History Month reflects on all the accomplishments black people have made. From the past to the present, black people have been making an impact, small or big in multiple different areas. This Black History Month spotlight, we’re going to focus on a particular famous female rapper.

Born in New Jersey, she began her fine arts career in acting as young child. But Lauryn Hill became known mostly for her role in the Fugees and as a rapper.

In high school, she formed the hip-hop group Fugees with her peers Wyclef Jean and Pras Michel. Influenced by the music of Caribbean, Reggae and African culture, Hill and the rest of the members created lulling songs. At first, the band wasn’t well-known and their music sold poorly. As time passed, their second album, “The Score,” grew popular and actually reached the top ten charts of the Billboard 200. They built themselves up from a small high school group to a well known reggae rock band.

Later on, Hill broke off her connections with the Fugees and went solo as a rapper. She created one album titled “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill,” which was used as an outlet to show aspects of her life she needed to write about. Hill expresses about problems that occurred in the Fugees and her pregnancy. Her son, Zion who she could’ve lost due to multiple people advising her to get an abortion was an inspiration to this album. When released, the album sold successfully, many people loving the deep lyricism and power she showed.

Hill’s music has always been well-known. But she’s struggled through multiple things in the entertainment industry. She has used her music to express that, as well as creating a beautiful instrumental that goes along with it.